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Make Lasting Friendships. Get Involved. Try something new.

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Welcome To Whitwilderness 

Whitwilderness is an exciting multi-dayoutdoor experience! The trips are organized by Whitworth Outdoor Recreation specifically designed for incoming freshmen and transfer students at Whitworth University. This year we are offering two different recreation experiences! Whitwilderness aims to help students adjust to college life in a new and exciting way. This program is an excellent opportunity for students to connect with each other and make new friends while experiencing the beauty of nature. The trip leaders are experienced and knowledgeable and provide a safe and supportive environment for participants of all backgrounds and experience levels.

Option 1

A two day backpacking trip that takes place in the breathtaking Selkirks and offers an adventure-packed experience that includes camping, hiking, and exploring the stunning scenery of the Selkirks. Students will learn new skills and gain confidence in their abilities, all while building relationships with other students. 

Option 2

Spokane Adventure Day trips is a brand new addition to the Whitwilderness Repertoire! This trip is offered for students who may be hesitant to jump right in with overnight camping and backpacking. The Spokane Adventure Day trips will include 2 days of biking, hiking and paddle boarding all in the Spokane area near campus. At the end of the each day, students will return to campus to sleep in the dorms rather than camping. While we highly encourage students new to the outdoors to join us in the Selkirks, we understand that the new experience can be intimidating to some. These day adventures are designed for a more laid-back and relaxed experience for those looking to try something new while having the comfort of campus as a home-base


How Much Does the Trip cost? 


When Is the Registration Deadline? 

Registration Closes TBD Payment will be due at the time of registration.  

How experienced should I be? 

We design trips to be achievable and enjoyable for anyone! Whether you have climbed mount Everest or never worn hiking boots before Whitwilderness is for you! 

Can I move in early?

Yes! Whitworth UREC has worked with residence life to allow you to move in before the trip so that you can go into the semester stress free when we return! Early Move in begins TBD!

What are my trip options?

1.Roman Nose Lake (4.0 Miles) [New Adventurer

2. Harrison Lake (4.6 Miles) [Intermediate]

3. Pyramid Lake (5.8 Miles) [Intermediate]

4. Beehives Lakes (7.2 Miles) [Advanced]

5. Spokane Day Adventures [Non-Overnight]


Get Started!


Step 1: Fill out our "Get to know you" Google Form

Step 2: Create and Account for UREC Services (When registering click Sign in  -> Sign Up)

Step 3: Register for  the Trip On the UREC Trip Registration Website


May 15
Registration Opens

August 1 
Registration Closes 

August 28
Early Move in Begins

August 29 
6PM Pre-Trip Meeting
in UREC Building

August 30- September 1st 

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